Multimedia is a fascinating thing. Because of its accessibility  and variety, journalism (and communication at large) has found multimedia to be both a blessing and a curse, a double-edged sword. Multimedia proves to be vibrant and personable with stunning pictures, shocking video, and raw audio. As technology becomes more user friendly and even more wallet friendly, the amount of contributors and contributions have grown exponentially. On one hand, this increased communication has allowed for more dialogue and more visual storytelling to take place. However the increase in communication does not necessarily equate to an increase in effective dialogue. Technology and social media has allowed for anonymity and efficiency to take the reigns in journalism and while it’s nice to know that perhaps maybe the public is becoming more aware and socially conscious however, it becomes hard to sort through the comments filled with bias and “lol ur so stupid”. So we’ve become a more communicative society, but at what price? If social networking shows us anything, the public can no longer differentiate from opinion and objectivity.


~ by Erin Morris on January 25, 2012.

One Response to “Multimania”

  1. Great analysis on the state of multimedia! Very well-written.

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