The Accessibility of Technology and Mass Communication

Looking at the title of this blog post, you can tell it’s going to be a nerdy one. Since our lecture was graced with the presence of Keith Politte of RJI, I figured I would blog about that.

Okay. So….how cool was that demonstration of augmented reality? After we discussed the concept and how it related to journalism and advertising I was more than apt to download the Aurasma Lite app for my iPhone. Playing around with the different advertisements and images that make pictures come to life certainly captured my attention hours after the lecture.

It made me think of all the possibilities in marketing that could result from using this technology. I can easily imagine promotions for a concert that allow Aurasma-enabled posters to come alive to play a band’s latest music video or having a product label for Rice Krispies actually snap, crackle, and pop in real life. As a branding nerd, this application really connects with me. Allowing products, services, and brands to come alive in a very tangible yet virtual experience moves marketing and mass communication forward to where high tech is not just something that computer science majors and business executives get to enjoy.


~ by Erin Morris on March 5, 2012.

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