Area of Interest

In lecture on Tuesday, our presence was graced by professors from all interest areas. Starting in strategic communication next fall, I was of course in awe by Frank Corridori’s presentation about Strat Comm, mainly because I am more than eager to start those classes next year. However, I actually found myself enamored by all of the presenters from each of the different interest areas. Lizz Brixby actually had me convinced for a good minute to switch my emphasis to print journalism (don’t worry, I’m not), but the argument for working for the Missourian was convincing for a fleeting moment.

I think if anything what really impressed me was how passionate each individual faculty member was about his or her area of interest. It made me understand why the Missouri School fo Journalism is the best journalism school in the country. It’s not about the advanced technology that we use or the innovative “Missouri Method” that is taught (although it certainly doesn’t hurt), it’s because the school is blessed to have faculty members who are passionate about their professional fields. This passion coupled with years and years of professional experience make me proud to be a student at J-school.


~ by Erin Morris on March 13, 2012.

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