Tapping into Excellence

For the past two years, I’ve attended the wonderful Mizzou tradition of Tap Day and let me just say that although I feel like my days go from 7am to midnight every day and I feel tired at the end of each day, I certainly feel like I’ve done nothing. Tap Day is an interesting event that can make any member of the audience feel proud to be a Mizzou Tiger and at the same time, certainly unaccomplished. 

Aside from that, the idea of secret societies fascinates me. Maybe not the general concept of them but why the societies are uniquely secret is very interesting. For instance, QEBH brings together the best and brightest of the university yet nobody except for the members themselves know the purposes, affairs, and meaning of the name QEBH. For the record, I have my bets on Quiet Elephants Bake Hash. (Is that inappropriate?) And LSV, the secret society that recognizes those who improve and promote the status of women in the community, has their members do a year of service before being recognized at Tap Day so that they society secretly does good deeds under the radar of the Mizzou community. 
The idea of secrecy is interesting especially in exclusive groups like this. By putting the exclusive clubs in the realm of secrecy, those inside and outside of the society revere it to an almost theological being. But in my opinion, nothing separates the women’s shelter volunteer to the LSV inductee. Service and excellence should be recognized in each individual whether they have a silk hood on a stage or not.  


~ by Erin Morris on April 29, 2012.

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